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The 5G Open Innovation Lab is a collaborative, development-focused ecosystem approach unlike traditional models, bringing together visionary startups, industry leaders, technical experts, and investors to break down silos that hamper innovation and build what's next.

Our program exists to empower the game changers, and unleash the true potential of edge computing, 5G and beyond. 

“The 5G OI Lab opened the right doors to enterprise customers and partners at the right time – customers that we wanted to work with but hadn’t been able to engage in any meaningful way.”

Dirck Schou – CEO/Taqtile

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Why The 5G OI Lab?

"The opportunity for developers to impact the potential of edge and 5G is fundamentally bigger than connectivity. To realize this potential, we need a bold approach to experimenting, learning, and unleashing the transformational impact software is capable of."

Jim Brisimitzis - Founder/5G OI Lab

As software industry veterans, our founders recognized a better way to innovate through collaboration. We didn't see it in the marketplace, so we created it. 

We built a multi-stage program from the ground up that is absolutely founder-friendly and focused (equity and fee-free) to help advance their product, go-to-market and fundraising outcomes unique to them. 

We are backed by global technology platforms and industry leaders that provide exclusive access to their services, mentorship, go-to-market support, and proof of concept opportunities.

We thrive on impact. Less chatter, tangible results.



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Our Partners Deliver the People, Processes and Platforms for Innovation in 5G, Edge, IoT, AI, AR and Digital Transformation

What We Do

Startups: Our program connects you directly with technology and industry leaders, potential partners, customers, and investors.

Technology Platform Partners: We help you scout and connect with relevant multi stage startups, reducing inbound noise and increasing efficient use of your time and resources.

Industry Partners: Our program attracts relevant startups and technology platforms collaborating on industry-specific challenges. We are a turnkey, results-driven program.

Venture Partners: We offer our venture partners access to qualified deal flow and unique insights from technology and industry partners.



founders helping founders

We’ve been in your shoes. We know the challenges founders face every day. Our Lab connects you to unparalleled business-changing relationships with enterprise and industry leaders, and resources many startups wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

We put you in the driver's seat. Our program revolves around your goals powered by:

  • Full access to our network of enterprise and industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Specialized go-to-market engagements with our technology platform and industry partners.
  • Introductions to over 100 venture partners.
  • Expert industry insights.

Don’t take our word for it. Ask the founders who’ll tell you joining the 5G Open Innovation Lab was a game changer for their company:

“We are super humbled to get so much traction with corporate partners like T-Mobile…None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the 5G Open Innovation Lab team and partners.  I am extremely grateful for what we were able to achieve as part of the Lab.”

Anand Nandakumar, CEO/Founder – Halo.car


We discuss the strength of the ecosystem through founder-to-founder connections.
The page focuses on how we strategically help you throughout the program.

transforming Enterprise & Industry

There are thousands of startups, finding the right one's matter. We are hyper-focused on scouting relevant startups backed by reputable founders and investors, so you can focus on what matters most: your business outcomes. Additionally, our program provides you access to solution-minded technology platforms and their experts.

In a world of constant digital transformation, we work hard to minimize the noise, empower your teams with meaningful engagements, and ultimately help you navigate a complex innovation ecosystem. We also offer industry-based Field Labs providing resources you can use to collaborate and validate solutions with our startups and technology platforms before you decide to bring new technology in-house. 


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